Aldi vielen Rosen (all them roses)

*giggles* fun,, fun pun!


Hewwo Peopoool, did you get the fun pun in the German title? All die Rosen… all the roses, but since it was at ALDI the groceries store, where these pics all were shot *giggles morer*


even a parking lot can be the scene for a gorgeous picshure shoot, an so i had to be all preBEARsed and weady, to jump at the opportunity


the pink roses sure were all gorgeous wike, but i also lovsed posins at them rose hips…







3 Responses to “Aldi vielen Rosen (all them roses)”

  1. Sweetie, these rose are beautiful but you are the most gorgeous of all 😀 ❤

  2. Awesome looking really well

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