Fall’s funs: food, oh so good


autumn comes in weal quicklies, here in BaBearia. We already has Precemburrr, an so you has to takre advantage of the few good things bout the colder seasons….


funtastic foods!

That’s not only the gweat stuff now hanging fwom our twees galore: wike fresh, fragrant,  fruit.

. 1409apples3

i also got spolsed wotten by delights fwom the kitchen, uhu, wotten wotten wotten, i tells you, here is the menue: 1409_food_2bowlsSalad

2 bowls of salad: sweet baby cawots ‘n’ pears as well as baby cucumbers wif pumpkin seed in cweam for us widdle baby bears!


main course: a bowl of beef’n’cawots ~ sur le pond Bourgignon, doucettes dance tous en rond!


on the side: 3 varieties of potatoes, the corm delight!


and what is that yummsie smell? of courser, it is the forest finest: shroomies chanterelle!


excuse me now for a few, i has yumsings up to do!






One Response to “Fall’s funs: food, oh so good”

  1. Subtittle of this blog would be “lots of yumsies with the Doucies” ;P Thanks for sharing Sweetie ❤

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