getting weady for winturrrr


BaBearia is known for its clodlies, long winturs, and indeedly, during the month of Precembur (you other peoplol calls ict Octobear *giggles* fun, fun pun, October wif bear in it *giggles lots*) the temperatures drop considerably, making us scatch ice from windshoields n stuff in moaning….


so you has to be preBEARsed quite in advance, an soooo


we stocksed up on the essential food so we can hiBEARnate wifout hasing to go groceries shopping too much when its too cold outside, wight? wight!


fwom canned fish, turkey over mustard, coffee an cream we got our stock pilsed up!


plus tomatos and juice n food for them kitties! you better be preBEARsed wike that, when you live in the BaBearian tundra!






One Response to “getting weady for winturrrr”

  1. You are well prebearsed indeed Sweetie, showing that you are not only adorable but also very wise and foresightful 🙂 ❤

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