Kitchen Aid


for quite some time i has been acquierings stuffs to stuffs into my own widdle housie, wike teddie bear sized furniture,


my baby-bear sized (white) dust.bin

utensils and such,


my widdles buckets… maybe thems are buckelets?

and fwom time to time i have blogsed with them,


wike  when i inBEARsonated a painter or showsed you how baker-bears, are baking breads – wight?



Well but you have not seen my latest addituns to my own widdle house-hold an sooo i been begsing Daddy to make a photoshoot wif me an all my sweet widdle new acquistunnns, some of which i has gotten on artisan fairs too!


An an an, since no-daddy can resist my charms *giggle-friggle* muh Daddy granted me muh wish an we made some amazing picshures, an one of them i will shows you today, and the othurs i will shows of laturrrrr.

dwumwoll pweaze!


this is meeheee, doucie, in my widdles rustic kitchen….

i hopes you will wike my widdle world at least as much as i enjoysed posins in it!






2 Responses to “Kitchen Aid”

  1. OMG cuteness overload! You are sweet in these pictures, sugar has turned into pepper! Love you! ❤ 😀

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