Daddy’s new hat


you know how muh Daddy liks hats,wight?

Them cowboy style hats Daddy buys at a local store, where the ole shop owner always greets his customers with:

come in, and money bring — and he assures Daddy always how those hats are hand-made from leather in Morocco. Too bad, he does not remove the hats’ tag from underneath them hats along wif it, that says: 100% Polyesther, Made in China. *giggle* you gotta love fashunnn stores in rural BaBearia’s  BearVille! *rolls eyes & giggles morer*


Daddy likes them hats anyways tho, an has a nice colelctunna in bwowns and gween.


An  an an, i wubs Daddy’s hats too, because you can hide so well in and awound them

An so i was beary happsy to get muh Daddy for the pagan new year (on halloween/samhain)


a new hat in dashy blue. An what’s in store for meeee in it?


A bwand new swing!






2 Responses to “Daddy’s new hat”

  1. What a great idea! I am so happy for your Sweetie, so both of you have something new to enjoy 🙂 ❤

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