Country Sampler exclusive: taking a rustic bath


you all know how to take a relaxing bubble bath in modern times. You heat up your bath-room, fill bath-salts or soap into a tub, open the faucets and mix yourself a nice hot bubble-bath. Add a nice Amethyst geode and some candles and you have a beary nice rustic bath time feeling…


In this Country Sampler exclusive howeburrr, i will shine a fifferent light on the topic, taking you back in time, to rural  BaBearia… where  getting weady for welaxing bath-time requires quite some preBEARation. for organization reasons we rather take a bath in the kitchen: you will soon understands why that is!


we retrieve the huge wooden tub and place it conveniently near the oven/stove where we have lit a nice hot fire. it will make our bathing space cozy and… it will provide the hot water boiling in a huge kettle…


Now we have to carefullies pour the boiling water into the wooden tub without burning our paws or anything! with a kettle huges wike that it is quite a challenge too! Then we add some of the soap we have in the blue lid-pot, and add up cold water from the watering can… we will stirr the water using a large wooden spoon or baking paddle, so we dont hurt our paws if the water mix is still too hot!

finullies we are weady for a beary spechial, rustic bubble bath!





2 Responses to “Country Sampler exclusive: taking a rustic bath”

  1. You have the most beautiful kitchen Sweetie, so old-fashioned and matching you perfectly. This is quite a hard job to make one´s own bath this way! 🙂 ❤

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