your sacrifice is not forgotten


today i wanna share a poem wif you:

written by muh Daddy and

illustrated wif picshures of me.






to the women and men in service,
who put their health or even life on the line
for our all’s freedom:

your sacrifice is not forgotten



behind me a poppy field

thousands of petals it does yield

few will care to get to know

the hardship it took: just to grow


the petals sure all delicate

we shall remember, not forget

the heroes who listened to that voice

calling to arms; brave girls and boys


each of the petals, all unique

each of them filled with hopes and dreams

standing their ground, the storm to defy

in their line of duty: to win or die


who would be thinking that under blue skies

in deafening silence after ebbed battle cries

when bled on the ground all dreams sacrificed

grass blades mourningly witness in still muffled cries


(c) copyright 2014


2 Responses to “your sacrifice is not forgotten”

  1. This is such a poignant poem! Thank you Sweetie, il will linger for long I am sure of it šŸ™‚ ā¤

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