a House Beautiful spechial: kitchen dreams


i like muhself a home stowy, espechulies, when i get to show off all them acquisitunnns and additunnns to ym beary own house-hold to my fans. House Beautiful was such a fitting  opporrtunity and soooo i opened my beary own kitchen filled wif beary spechial goodies



As you can see, my kitchen is inspired a lot by the influences from the surrounding rural BaBearia: light woods, as well as the blue stove and kettle, just like the blue skies and forests outside.


I like also to mix materials with the organic, undyed wood and seagrass of the hand-made basket, with the traditional polished metal milk churn or watering-can.  I will use a few plastic items, such as the bucket for my convenience and counter it with country style pottery. And while the broom is a classic birch style utensil, my beer mug (stein) is all modern wif pink sheep decor!

This is wot i call House Beautiful, doucette style…  wight? wight!






2 Responses to “a House Beautiful spechial: kitchen dreams”

  1. You have the most beautiful kitchen Sweetie, so rustic and a little bit antique / old-fashioned. I love it! 🙂 ❤

    • fanku. i wubs my home sweet home interior design. i will be sharsing more insights into my widdle world as time progresses, so stay tunsed, but not wike tuna *giggle* muah ❤ 🐻

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