a bwand new modeling job: NanuKEA!


you suwa wemembur how i told you about my advertizing/modeling caweer, an allowsed yall a peek in my PR-portfolio?


well guess wot, guess wot? the campaign manager for NanuKEA, beary cool furniture from up north has stumbled upon my blogser an discovereds my affinity to rustic, robust, yet sophisticated interior design


an, an an an sooooooo,  they asked me to model for them! The pleasure was all mine an i dwessesed in my bestest royal blue outfits to feature their hiBEARnation furniture line.


Their set was beary lovely accessorized with decoratunnna they have for sale as well. I weavy fell in wuv with those home accessowies an furniture! I wuvsed the magnum champage bottles: the one on the night-stand in the silver wine cooler as well as those  in the wooden treasure box! ah to be a witch enough girl bear to get such beautimous furniture. i suwa will start to save up some mollah!








2 Responses to “a bwand new modeling job: NanuKEA!”

  1. OMG so sweet again and this tiny little furniture you have!
    <<<melting away…
    Have a great day Sweetie ❤ 🙂

    • oh i couldnt buy the furniture, i was just posins wif it. – i did buy me a few of NanuKEA accessowies though, an i got it wif a huges discount too! savins up to afford some of their furniture now tho, cuz its beary awesome. 8:@

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