cooking up… dinner!

wots for dinner, wots for dinnnnnnnnerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr?


you know for suwa those widdles who will be nagging an begging an asking an gettin a bit on your nerves askins wots for dinner?


well not meheee, nooo, not mehee!



I will instead go to my beary own, sophisticated kitchen an cook something up muhselfer!


stiring the pot wif a giant wooden spoon

Just because i have a rustic kitchen does not mean i am outta style tho. I dwess up for any occatunnna! here i am wearing matching bow and cwutch in fashunable mauve


I bet you do wanna know what i am cooking up there, wight?


wearing my favorite purse for supper

yumsy dinner of courser!

since it is served,  i will yums it up just wight, while it is still hot. wight? wight!






2 Responses to “cooking up… dinner!”

  1. Cuteness overload, you are so cute with your little bow and matching clutch, plus the tiny little kitchen! aaahhh!!! 🙂 ❤

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