coming out of the closet…


i keep heawing how some peopol are coming out of their closets, an they are always beary emotionuls about it, an so i wanted to find out what it is all abouts. And so i went to live in a closet, so i know what it feels like when you eventuallies come out!


Inside the closet it was kinda dark (unless you switched on the closet light, then it was not so dark, giggles) howeburrr it was also pwetty cosy. The wardrobe was beary welcoming, an them coats and jackets had the funniest stowies to tell!


Coming out fwom where i felt welcomed and wuved was indeed quite a challenge, but i pwomised my new fwends, i would not leave them behind for-eburrr. in fact, i intend to visit often to hear morer of their intewesting stowies. But I do understand peopol much better now, who get emotional about their beary own, coming out of the closet, wight?








2 Responses to “coming out of the closet…”

  1. lol! I prefer your way to come out of the closet Sweetie! 😀 ❤

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