so tasty, I wanna sit in it!


in Germany they have a saying, an expwessunnna

flagge de anim gr

that if you wike some food weavy beary much, you would say:

“it is so good, i wanna sit in it”.


Well, that expwessunnna kinda sorta came to life when i went into the kitchen,


where Mrs Teddy was preBEARsing a chinese style meal in a fry-pan. I asked if i could have a widdle taste, but then it was so delightfullies yumsy, that i literally sat in it and shoveled it into meheeee!



Mayhaps it is partlies because i am beary partiul to Chinese food, since i am a widdle China bear muhselfer! i actuallies also wuv me some sushi, espechuliez the one preBEARsed by Mrs Teddy


But i am quiet suwa, you would has been sitting in the pan wight wif me, given the chance, because on this picshure, you can actually see the yumliness i was yumsing up all eagerlies. Doesnt it wooks marvelous enough to just sit in it? i believe it does. wight?








2 Responses to “so tasty, I wanna sit in it!”

  1. In the middle of the pan, sitting, yumsing food! ROFL! but you look so sweeeet, I would allow you anything myself 🙂 ❤

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