Leather Fashion Summer 2015 show


often you have asksed me, wot kinda modelling jobs i am gettsing, an as you could see from my portfolio blogs, i am getting all kinds of modelling jobs,


fwom automotive, to  dwamatic and 


fwom furniture to   fashunnna!



After my Novemburr blog posting marathon, you may has noticed a  significant dwop in postins, but i was all diligents anyway! An so you will be beary exciteds to hearer about my latest modelling job, where i got to present the comming years summer wear, rich in leather an rhinestones, wooksie!

Pwesenting the pret-a-porter causual stylish collectunnna


Tommy Bearfinger combines natural tan/sand colors with a light turquoise blue. The leather of the off whitish piece is swung and wavelike, with slight notes of celtic knotwork, combined with Native American Indian like traditional turquoise head-do. a spiffy combination, of wearable day to day fashion withdistinctive qualities.


TEddie Bauer also includes the hair do, inspired by native cutures hair-piece but using a darker blue combined with glittery rhinestones it gives TEddie Bauers collection rather a unspecific ethno look. TEddie Bauer combine that hair piece with a matching blue leather dress with straight lines, that allow a more varied wearing of their stylish clothes

In a laturr blog i will pwesent you some even morer adventurous outfits i was to wear at the Sommer 2015 Leather Fashunnna show. so stay tunsed, wight? wight!








2 Responses to “Leather Fashion Summer 2015 show”

  1. You are not only a talendet model but also a fashionista yourself!
    Wonderful post Sweetie! 🙂 ❤

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