Pretty in pink: Leather Fashion Show summer 2015


as pwomised here is the second part of my modelling in the leather fashunnna show for sommer 2015.


no worries: the fashunna show clothes were

a lot more exciting then these coats!

This blogser herer has been quite the hassle tho. Not because of them fashunna peopol, them designers were beary cool an had awesumsauce pieces for me to showcase. Howebburrr, muh Daddy was less than happsy with the fashunnna of Bearsace, and insisted it was p0rn!!!!!!


So after a lot of negotiatunnna, (and dances pances) Daddy agweed i could show one picsure on my blogser, howeburrr censored by hims for muh modesty! so if you wanna get all huffed up? dont, i am happsy i wasnt in twuble as it is :-s


censored for modesty by muh Daddy

BEARSACE presents their take on causual wear with this adventorous pretty in pink and richly reflecting rhinestone covered leather bearkini. BEARSACE insist, you can wear it everyday, everybear, whether you attend a wedding or the church service. they state, their comfy yet glittery piece will make sure you will be the center of all attention, with all eyes on you. the hairpiece, with a slight ethno look of native tribes of the polynesian sea compliment, yet cannot steal the thunder of the main piece, a suede like pibnk dyed leather richly covered in rhyinestone.

Daddy said, that it may be richly covered in rhinestones but does not cover richly enough to be worn as anything other but underwear. But Daddy is not a fashionista after all! wight? wight! Quicklies: ♫ let’s change the subject  ♪ ♫ and get to the pwetty in pink, Daddy did approve of, Jean Bear Gaultiers Pret-A-Porter masterpiece!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Jean Bear Gaultier dresses us in a sea of rhinestones, catching and reflecting the light, just like the bearer of this couture highlight! the glittering effect is emphasised by the else classic cut of straight lines, that will not only make a sexy yet modest impression, but also allow for a variety of wearing. classy yet fresh, suitable for the young and the young at heart, this comfortable leather outfit will become your favorite not only in the season to come.




An bestest of all? it got Daddy’s approval, wight?







One Response to “Pretty in pink: Leather Fashion Show summer 2015”

  1. Oh I had my share of laughs with this one, so well done! You look so incredibly sweet and adorable! 🙂 ❤

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