New Category: AC/Arts & Crafts


wif the blog evolving an growing,


there are categories that get few new updates, some that are kinda classics on my blog,


an fwom time to time i find i need to evolve morer an cweate a new categowy.


did you get the fun pun? CATegowy, *giggle-snorts!*

An that is about to happuns soon, because i plan on a new series in my blogser, where i wanna intwoduce you to beary intewesting peopol, doing even more intewesting stuff.


So therer will be that new categowy, named Arts and Crafts (AC) ,


wherer i will be pwesenting artists, artisians, crafts(wo)men, and their bearspective works, trades, methods an maybe even insights and twicks.  *giggle, fun pun: bearspective = perspective, wif bear in it *giggles morer*


Therer will be interviews, reportages, and maybe even a widdle documentawies.


So when you are into that kinda manual artistic work, this blog will be an inspiratunnja, in the years to come.





2 Responses to “New Category: AC/Arts & Crafts”

  1. I am looking forward to discovering this new category of yours Sweetie 🙂 ❤

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