AC: Mobile Tarte Flambee Maker


i had pwomissesed you to intwoduces you to beary spechial artisans and crafts-(wo)men that i am encountering on my many adventures. I will start off this new categowy today, wif a mobile Tarte Flambee maker i met the other week on a twaditional BaBearian market fair.


wooksie behind me, see that tiny wooden housie? that is their “pop up” booth where they are selling thoe yumsy home made Tartes Flambees. wooks weavy pwetty an spechial, wight? wight!


they travukls wif two trailors; the bigger one stores the booth housie and all their tools, stuff an merchandise, But even more sophisticated is their mobile wood-oven housie, where they actually bake the Tartes Flambees


well , let me just tells you those Tartes Flambees were the bestest i ever head! you’d wish there was tatse-internet now, wight? wight!







2 Responses to “AC: Mobile Tarte Flambee Maker”

  1. This is a wonderful post Sweetie, so informative and new! It sure was yummy, right? 🙂 ❤

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