2015 february meeting with my fans


during a late wintur themed  photoshoot i had the awesomesauce opportunity to meet up wif some of my fans.

i ‘ve been  posins all cute wike yet pwofessunalies by the river, flirtin wif the camera,



when i heard the distinct voices behind me saysin: *is it possuble that it is the famos bear girl model Doucette?*


I was bary flattered, of courser, but twied to maintain my pwofessunal face an not blushel lushel during my photoshoot


Them fans got all exciteds though, and kept coming closer, chatterins abouts how that must be their lucky day!


Do you fink she will give us an autogwaff? – That would be the best thing eburrr!

Their persistance made it impossuble for us to go on wif the shoot, an so the photog called for a widdle bweak so i could satisfy my fans needs and wishes. I did tell them fans they need to be morer descwetelies in the future, but did sign their autogwaffs of courser. Later we continued the shoots, and you should stay tunsed to see how awesomesauce them picshures turnsed out, wight? wight!






2 Responses to “2015 february meeting with my fans”

  1. I am so glad that you have such devoted fans, you deserve them Sweetie! 🙂 ❤

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