douci-ctionary: explaining the word “shit-storm”


maybe you have heard othur peopol say the word “shit-storm” and you were wonderin, wots that all abouts?


Well, a ‘shit-storm’ is, when peopol mass bully and harrass you via the internet and social media, calling you names an stuff.


But you know you have a weal shit-storm at your hands, when  facing a double Dixie toilet toppling ova, wight?



Even the housie in the back-gwound is dsgusted at the shit-storm business. so pwease, dont do it,


 PS: Daddy said i was exceptunolies allowsed to say shit-storm, so i can explains it. so wucky me, i am not in twuble!






One Response to “douci-ctionary: explaining the word “shit-storm””

  1. lol! you explained it very well Sweetie, let´s hope we will not experience it first hand though (as a figure of speech of course) 🙂 ❤

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