inbearsonating snowbells


do you know wots the bestest about winturrrr? well, if you asks me, the bestest about winturrr is spwing, when winturrr goes to heck *giggles*


dont get me wong, I do knows that every season has a weason, but winturrr wif all the snows an stuffs does get a widdul annoying as time goes by, an so we says buh bye to winturrr an hewwo to spwing!


one of the fisrtest flowers to bweak fru winturrr’s soil always is the snow bell. An so i dwessesed up as one, wif my soil bwown hat, wif white Edelweiss flowers applied, an ho, an beholds,

a snowbell came out to play an poses wif meheee!


I was so happsy, that my inBEARsonating skills bwought spwing closer, i decideds to shares muh happsies wif yalls.


so enjoys an lets hopes winturrr wont comes back any time soon, wight? wight!


2 Responses to “inbearsonating snowbells”

  1. Wonderfully done Sweetie, it was a hard challenge to start with and you mastered it completely with your lovely hat! 🙂 ❤

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