a cwappy market wif a supwize


today i helpsed muh Daddy yet again wif a market but it was weavy beary disappointins to be all honest wike.


WE didnt manage to makes any money. Wah! 


But Daddy said we make the bestest fwom that market anyways, and will not be cwyins,


but i dids cwy anyways cause i am a widduls an allowsed to be sads when stuff is all sadlies, wight? wight!


I couldnt even get that sweet widduls medic set, they had on sale *pouts*


Well Daddy insisted we at least take a stwoll and we discovereds a beary impwessive artist wif his paintings, hewa my favorite one, Daddy and baby bear!


And then the big supwite happunsed. We found a boof wif handmade stuffsie owlsies, in all sizes, even as hats! wooksie!!!


Daddy asksed the lady if He could takes picshures for a girlie fan of mine, who is in a bit of a beary toughlie situatunnna, and who wuvs owlsies sooo much, so we coulds maybe cheers her up wif a picshure! The vendor asksed why Daddy wanted to take the pic an Daddy said why,


and then a miracul happunsed! That kind lady vendor said she would pways for our fwend, and to pwease send her the owlie! And she gifted it to Daddy!! I am so happsie now, thats so kind and genewous, wight?









4 Responses to “a cwappy market wif a supwize”

  1. So Cool Little Bear, there is hope for mankind after all!

    • fanku Laura kay cubby. i appweciate your beary nice comment beary much. mug fan/fwend totally wuvsed muh blogser an her widdle supwize package is alweady bagged an weady to fly. owlsies can fly wight? wight!! *dances all happsie wike* 🐻 ❤ doucette 8:@

  2. this is such a cuteness overload Sweetie! and I so don´t want you to be sad, you should be a happy little bear cookie all the time! 🙂 ❤

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