travelling adventure pt 1: too early for peopoling


we all wuv us a widduls adventure herer and therer, wight? wight! Well i am no exceptunnna therer, and when Daddy said He would travels by twain, i insisted i comes along, because #weasons


widduls did i know wot i gots muhself into, tho! in todays blogs i will shares wif you, how that journey starteds. an let me tells you, it starteds, way way too earlies


Daddy wokes me up in the midduls of the night! *pouts*


no coffee is stwong enough to wakes me up…


we had  steep stairs to climb *ugh*


it was dark, cold an no-one was awake but the bakery…


we gots our ticket …


and waiteds ….


watched trains awwiving for other peopol


on other twacks, until finullies…


Daddy allowsed me to travuls, how

i wubs it the most: in his chest pocket!


and we mounted the regional twain,


There i was wealaxings by the window but finking to muhselfer …

it is way too earlies to be peopoling,when you need a flash for every decent picshure and it is pitch black awound you, wight?




stay tunesed for the continuationnna of my train-adventure, …






2 Responses to “travelling adventure pt 1: too early for peopoling”

  1. What an adventure you went though Sweetie! and pitch black it really is, your pictures are clear enough on that point. yuk! no fun to run around so early! I hope it went well though and that you have fully recovered from these stresses and strains 🙂 ❤

    • well there were twains and stwains, indeed, and peopoling at this early hour is especiullies tedious cause i wanteds to sweeps instead, but now i am all highBEARnatunnna mode, and sweepsing all day n night too *giggles* fankuuu for your your beary kind comment and the wuvins!

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