park and play in the city


when we were in the big city, the other month, we discovered a green oases in mids of the concrete jungle, a kind of “central” park.

Of course we had to checks it out, wight?



And soon enough i discovereds


there was a playgwound for littles!

i gots beary exciteds and ran therer to plays, wike, wight?


But as soon as i gots therer, Daddy said, wait a minute, here is a sign …


wooksie, everything funsy or safelies is forbidduns!
Next they will put up a sign, no teddy bears allowsed!

*le pout*

So I asked the kind twee over therer: “Mr Twee sir, can i play herer pls?” and the kind twee said. “Suwa doucette! It will by my tree pleasure to keeps you safe!”

You can keep those fancy toys, then, girls and boys! And excuse me, please… I will be playins herer, pwotecteds by mighty generwous twees,  hide and seek wif flowers and bees!



2 Responses to “park and play in the city”

  1. Such a nice place to play looks ideal for a sweet teddy bear girl like you honey, but so many interdictions should be forbidden! I am glad that you had your fun anyway. 🙂 ❤

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