a Claas of its own


do you fink i did a typo up therer in the titullll? noohooo! i did nots. it is a fun pun!


because this blogser is about Claas twactors, that Daddy an i were  doing a funsy fotoshoot wif one day last years August. So i am a bit beary late to shows yall, but better late than neburr eburrr wight?



The peopol from Claas didnt just pwesents their beary impwessive twactors that day. They also had the coolest fing aburr!


Nohooo, it is not a dwunk twactor! It is a twactor shaped bouncing castle!


but totally wooks wike the weal twactor, just bouncier!

I am gonna shows you morer of dem Claasy  twactors and stuff latur, but now i am all hungwy and will eat me some beary yumsy crêpes doucettes a l’owange!


Mrs Teddys kitchen skills are a class of its own, too!







2 Responses to “a Claas of its own”

  1. Wow! these are big, compared to you, they are giants! You look so tiny and sweet! ❤ 🙂

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