Doucette doing the Spandau Ballet [trains pt 3]



i knows you must be all shivered in anticipatunnna, to knows  why Daddy an i mades that long twip by twain an stuff, an so today, i will spill da beansies! We went to the capital of Germany, to Bearlin for a photoshoot!


Bearlin by night *giggle friggle*


We took the most awesummiest picshures in the twain station in Spandau therer, wooksie!

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we had the whole twain statunnna to ourselfer, on that  rather pwetty autumn evening, so we got the whole blue sky as a coulisse for a beary nice, steel and glass, marble constwuctunnna. Daddy wiksed how i was an orange ray of light and softness in a grey, black and blue setting of a rather cold and strict structure. That is photographurs babble for, you looksed awesomesauce, babybear and totally stole all picshures away, wight? wight! *giggle snorts*






2 Responses to “Doucette doing the Spandau Ballet [trains pt 3]”

  1. yay! you made it Sweetie, in one of the hottest capitals of Europe! 🙂 ❤

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