gray shades of ugly – a horsy bully!


we has been to a horsie ranch and made some beautimous picshures therer, and most horsies were beary kind and quite photogenic too, as it should be, wight?



But imagine muh supwize when one of them horsies, a gray one, lost his cool, and starteds bullying and intimidatins meheee! i didnt pwovokes hims ethur,


and he got all worksed up, and callsed me yeehawhaw names, and got on the hind-legs n stuff (well no picshure of that avilabuls, i was wunsins away cwyins!)


you knows wot i fink about bullies, wight? dems are nuffin but a pile of horse-cwap!


And this cowbear wont be hasing any such slander and intimidatunnna gosing on, thats for suwa! you take your bullying someplace elser, misturr, or there will be twubble!!!!!!!






2 Responses to “gray shades of ugly – a horsy bully!”

  1. Right! Chase him away with your fierce face and weapon and such, he deserves it, this is so rude of him to bully such a Sweetie like you! 🙂 ❤

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