I wuv flysing!



i was wumagins in muh archives, and found picshures fwom muh twip to England, an so i will shows you why i so much wubbls to flies!


stwapped in by Daddy for take off

I has to admit, i was a widdle bit afwaid in that huges plane made of steel. how can it flies, its heavy wike a cow, well wike a zillion cows. cows cant flies! it boggles muh beary widdle mind, but Daddy assureds me that yes it does, yes it would,, and what do you know? it did!!!!!


getting snacks in the air is awesome!

The last of your worsies fly by just wike hot air, when the kind service peopol serve you snacks in the air. we gots somefing for the sweet tooth too, it was a cwoissant with chocolate. muh favorite, its wike made for widduls, super sweet an kinda owange, too!


best fing eburr: i gots my own dwink!

This is a twue stowy. The Lufthansa service crew acknowledged i am on board, that i am a girl bear and asked Daddy what **I** would be hasing for a dwink. Then the senior flight attended said, i d better get just half the cup so i dont spill it awound *blushes* but i wikes her definitunnna of HALF fulls!!!! fank you Lufthansa! Isnt that wike every airline should be wike? all widduls fwendlyan all! It is beary good, wight? wight!!!!!






One Response to “I wuv flysing!”

  1. Right Sweetie, and you know what, no matter how long and hard they try, no crew will ever be as cute and sweet as you are. Although they made quite a effort here obviously 🙂 ❤

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