the mysteries of groceries


for yall these things may wooks wike thems are ordinawy stuff, but for a widdulsTeddy Bear Girl wike meehee, there is mystewy everybear i see! Wike yall take gwocewies shopping for gwanted, but  to me a gwocewie stowe is wike a wonderland! So much to be discovereds, and so many yumsies everybear!!!



my kinda Juicy Fruit: doucie fwuit!


.wonder whats in all those bottles down that isle?


it is OIL!!!! i discovered oil!!! *giggle*


and wooksie at all them flowers too. know wot thems are used for?

to bake all the bread!!!! wooksie:


fun, fun: fun pun!*giggle lots*

so now you have seen the gwocewies store from muh widduls point of view, you should stay tuned, because there will be morer, soonsies, pwomise!







One Response to “the mysteries of groceries”

  1. Bread is made with flowers? That´s a new one! You look the cutest of them all though Sweetie 🙂 ❤ 🐻

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