i outgrew the Taj Mahal!


the Taj Mahal, the Cwown among Palaces was built in India and has been said to be one of the most beautimous places on earth! And I can tells you it certainly is a beautie in her own standing! So you may asks how is it possuble, da doucie claims to has outgrown that Taj Mahal ?


Well the building is 73 meters tall, and I am about 15 cm tall. But i blogsesed 500 times in my blogser, and so if you would put one doucie on top of the other doucie, you do see my point? I would be 75 meters tall, and that would mean I outgrew teh Taj Mahal


and that is quite huges!


Fank you all for reading, commenting an sharsing my adventures. I will try and keep blogsing morer now again to keep you all entertainsed,


because my beary life is worth the reportins! I dont stop at the Taj Mahal, i will outgrow other buildings sooner or later. See? thats how a tiny widduls can grow huges, wight?







One Response to “i outgrew the Taj Mahal!”

  1. Cuteness overload! You are the cutest among flowers 🙂 🐻 ❤

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