new year and new category: doucie everybear!



I am so beary exciteds and i has to tells you why! Because in the new year  i am starting stawwing in a bwand new categowy on muh blogser!


The categowy name is “Doucette Everybear” an will be feautuwing beary spechial picshures showing your favorite widdul teddie bear girlie, (meeeheeee) in all the places in time as well as places. an all sophisticatedlies too!



you will be able to see, that meeheeee, the doucie has been awound throughout bears-story (thats history with bear in it, giggles).  The doucette has been helpsing advancing man-kind a wot, an i has picshure pwoof to support muh claim!


you will never look at things the same again! *giggle-friggle*






2 Responses to “new year and new category: doucie everybear!”

  1. lol! I am looking forward to seeing this new series of yours Sweetie! love it already! 🐻 ❤ 😀

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