we built a snowbear! (pt.1)



wintur came in hard on us in BaBearia, when the ice queen visited our tundra, and sugared everything with snow, and tempewatures as low as 0°F It was time to break out the sweaters and winter gear, wight?!



Well wots to does wif so much snow? of courser, lets has some outdoor funsies an an firster thank the Momma Earth for the gift of snow, an we does that by building a snow statue, an cause i am a widduls bear we builded a SNOW BEAR. wooksie!!


it’s like the bestest thing eburrr!


an an totes a wooks alike, wike, wooksie, totes wikes meeee!


it’s wike a weal snow doucie, just i am smooooler!


that snow doucie is literally the coolest fing!!! wike for weal cause giggles she is mad eof snow! wight? wight!!!!


Next time i will be tellsins you morer about the snow doucie, cause this is snow doucie in the winter coat, but the adventure continues, but thats for a fifferent time, cause my footsies be all coldlies so i go beddie now!







2 Responses to “we built a snowbear! (pt.1)”

  1. Sweeteness overload! so cute in your beddie and your snow Doucette and your white sweater…. ❤ 🐻 😀

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