bearmas is like yule & christmas


diffewent twaditions celebwate the wintertime fifferentlies, but one fing they has all in common: dems celebwates the weturning of light into our lives..


Pagans, meaning Nature based spiwitualities fwom fifferent twaditions celebwate Yule, the winter solstice, when it is the longest night of the year, basically saysing: “yikes, please night dont swallow us whole, bwing back the daylight so our plants get a chance to grows!” an what has you? it works, every year, cause magically  the days start getting longer in the days an weeks after.


well an i dont need to tell you how christmas is celebwated cause you has pwobablies heard it in Decemburrrr, but the beary short version is, that we exchange gifts to help Santa Claus, and go to churchies, to celebwate the birth of Jesus!


So how does Doucette celebwate Decemburrrr? well, with Bearmas, of courser, which is a widdle bit of Nature (cause bear, wight?) an  also a widdle bit of Christmas. That means i get a beary good meal prebearsed, firster, while all fancied up! wooksie!


Another preBEARation is to gift wrap all the prezzles, to supwise the wubsed ones!


 twied to gift wrap muhselfer, but that didnt works, oh damneeeet!


Decowate the yule twee and twying not to get too tied up wif that task

*giggles* fun pun, did you catches it? getting tied up, giggles cause #picshure


smudging the housie wif  a magic combinatunnnna of good smellsins incense blended by muh Daddy TeddyTom4u


wish we had smell the net, so you could get a sniff of that yumsieness


happsie by the prezzels twee! me!

exchange gifts awound the indoor twee wif candles lit cause thats all cozies!

and has ourselves a beary healthy feast wif fwuit


apwicots an bananas are healthy  fwuit, wight? wight!


bwead (giggles)


an cheese! see? all healthies!








2 Responses to “bearmas is like yule & christmas”

  1. Well, I think these are pretty healthy ingredients! 😀 🐻 ❤

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