Pirates of the CariBEARean


Many of you heard about the Pirate Jack Sparrow, but did you know there used to be beary fierce pirates in the caribearian sea? well dont wanna believes meeheee? see for yourselfer!


Them wore barts but still! wooksie closelies! And yes, doucie has sailed the 7 seas on a weal  piwate ships too. Dont believes meee? well see, there is doucie!


sailins in the morning, when the winds clash waves against the shores!

captain doucieis brave some mores! 1612caribearian_4001

smool clouds in the skies no wind under teh sails,

but doucie stays fierce not hasing tears of whales!1612caribearian_3999

the evening sets, the sun descent,

the sea getting calmer preps for a day to end

captain doucette stll on board

wooksing for a friendly shore


counting her tweasures and blessings galore

dweamsing of a good life to be had on shore


getting all sweepsy now that sun went to bed

dreamsing of more adventures, tomorrow to be had


wight? wight. nu night








3 Responses to “Pirates of the CariBEARean”

  1. Cuteness overload, I could never think of you as a pirate Sweetie, you are just the sweetest! 🐻 ❤ 🙂

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