Bento shopping – again!!!


what can one does when the winturrr is looong and doesnt evar seem to goes away? of courser wait it out wif a hot chocolate, but also…


Iwe can goes shoppsins!!! an an so, i been to Bento shoppings again!! I gots meeehheee all the funsies new blinks, well bento’s anyways!




in case you didnt notice this is a blue cat bento lunch box! well an meee!


it has two compartments to it, one of which can also be a nice plate an comes wif its own sophisticated spoonsies, and the lid wif da motive! it is so pwettimous!


so my kitty bento isnt all alonsiesi also buysesed me a bear bento box!


wooksie, it is wike doucie super sized an all cute wike, wight?


an the best part is, that the yellow bear parts and the blue cat parts are the same sizes, an an an sooo, they are interchangebulz. thats like the ebstest, wight? wight!








2 Responses to “Bento shopping – again!!!”

  1. so sweet! I bet eating from these boxes is so much more fun than from a normal plate, right?

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