Doucette, queen of Egypt



histowy has to be rewritten, to be mystory morer, because as i said beforer, doucette has been always and everyBEAR!. Today i will proveses to you doubters, that the history books you had in school were not sayin the whole twuf about ancient Egypt.


everyone talks about Tutankhamun and Ramses, some about Cleopatra and Nofretete, and it is twue, those were quite some awesum pharaos and queens, but did you evar read about Nofredoucette? I was the beary only female pharoette! uhu uhu! I tell no lies, wooksie, I has picshure proof fwom artifacts!


here is a close up of the Pharaoh Archer on the chariot: see? it is still all meeeeheee!


oooh i hearer you, an your doubts still. you fink, well so you were an archer on some pyramid painting – big deal, but they were building meee beary spechial BEARamids called  Sphinxes to my honor too! so, who has been reigning the ancient Egypt? doucette, doucette, lalla la Doucette! ♫







2 Responses to “Doucette, queen of Egypt”

  1. These are undoubtable proofs! I always knew you were special Sweetie! XOXO 🐻 ❤ 😀

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