oh my, that’s an older pic of me, when i was even more widdles den i am nows 

welcome to my widdle corner of the interwebs. my name is doucette, an an i am a teddie bear. i am also an adult widdles girl an an also i am a model. a wole model as my Daddy TeddyTom4u keeps remindings me. but also i am a photo-model  an this is my blog . 

 Daddy TeddyTom4u and i, teddie doucette4u hasing dinner together, prepared by Mrs Teddy (not in da picture)

So now you has seens even my Daddy TeddyTom4u. An well of course my blog is all organized an sophisticateds (giggle-snort) – so dere are a few fifferent categories, because i do not like hasing stuffed laying about uncategorisesed so, the categories are …

  1. Ha! – dats where updates are in, or some gossip an news, an general (but interesting) stuff, you know?
  2.  Modeling – dats all bout my photo-shoots, pictorials, movies/clips 
  3. shopping – because all girls like to shop, so dats all bout what you can has and where to gets it!
  4. yummies – well, i admit i has a sweet tooth, plus teeth for all dem yummies, an so i will post about anything yummy to the tummy!
  5. Twuble…. dont weminds me… but sometimes even a good girl bear messes ups an den … le sigh!

So enough introductions. maybe some legal boing stuff too. all pictures used in this blog has been takens by someone, who put loads of wuv into shooting them. do not take away from the artists and models works. same goes for the writings. so before taking anything from my site, pweese send me a message and wait for my consent. dont get mad if i dont wanna gives it – because the final decision is always with my Daddy TeddyTom4u. speaking of Whom, here is His e-mail addy and He also holds dem copyrights [(c)2011-2014] for dis blog.  TeddyTom4u@yahoo.com




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