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it’s the little stuff

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Peopol, peopol, peopol!


you must has asksed yourselfer, why has there been no doucie post in almost a year? what has happened to our favowit teddie girlie model, wight? wight!


well i am all the sowwies, if you had worsied!


I was super busy with doing all the things!

first i made a “girls coalitonnn” wif muh Mommy, becase as the mug sais: an angel without wings we are calling Mommy! 


an i wubs her, an She has so many fun stationary an artistic things, an make up, an we goes to dwug-stowes togethur, an the dollar store, an an an!


second I was infiltratins muh Daddy’s (whom I now calls Dassy) instagwam, because He finullies had gotten Himselfer a SMARTPHONE! and so i was super busy givsing my wuv to His ig page. 


And in the end, i even gots my own instagwam!!!!!


But wait there is morer!

because now that #Francisthefrog moved in with us i has an awesum fwend in my lil housie and we eat together, and read books together, an do all the fun lil things together…


Mommy and Dassy have completely remodeled our lil housie, an i gots a sofa, an a bathwoom wif bath-tub, and a water closet even an an an!


So now i has also connected this blog and my instagwam with my brand new tumblr blog, so there is like one blogser where all the magic can be viewed fwom, wight? wight! 


And because #itsthelittlestuff that will make you happy, thats what how i came up with the new name.


So the tumblr page is an open invitation to let the sunshine and the stuffie fun, and all the little stuff make you smile and happsy. So join us, follow us and all our adventures, and if you wanna, you can even become a member in our itsthelittlestuffSMILE family








missing bearson! please re-blog!

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this is heart wrenchings an an my heart broke a widduls because of this upsetting stowy, and so i am askins all of my followers to pwease helps spwead the word, because we need all da help we can get. Yall wememburr this fella?


Muh Daddy wanteds to gifts him along wif other toys to a fwend of mine, a girlie who has it weavy beary tough in her life, and is wike stwuggle bus all the time, like in pain for weal and not much fun at all!


and so we made her a care package wif toys, hewwo kitty stickers, teddy bear mugs n stuff,  to cheers her up and gives her hope, and Cliff (the huges bear) was in therer, and other fun stuff to cheers a girlie up!



Well wot do you know, the mail service DHL Paket fwom BaBeariaGermany (Bavaria) lost the package somewhere near FFM Airport on Dec 14th, 10 days after the package was given to them to be delievered to TX/USA, 3 weeks ahead of Christmas, so wike time enough.


It is stuck there, and the DHL doesnt seem to care. Daddy has a twacking number alwight, but that wont help because teh package is just stuck and no-one cares to helps.  That the girlies Christmas was ruined, (and ours too!) is heartbweakins enough.


We need to make the delivery happuns. Cliff cannot be lost!!!!!


officuls missing bearson search phote to share pls

So Daddy decided to go public fwom his tweeter account, an on his international shamanism blog, where you can find the full stowwy too, and i am askins yall, wike beggins you, to pwease helps us bwing Cliff to his wightful Mommy, the girlie in Tx/USA i has come to wubs wike a weal Sista!


Cliff (and me, admiring the size of his good ♥)

i will be over hewer cwyins an pwayins an holdins on tight on the widduls hope i has, and the memowies of Cliff, whom i wubsed and still wub an who needs to get to TX, wike NOW! wight?










Picshure Challange by LaBelleStudio: camouflage

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a blog i absolutely adore is that of LaBelleStudio, an i make suwa i dont miss out any of her awesomesauce posties (an neither should you misses any of dem, just saysing!) An now she has made a picshure challenge themed camouflage, see?1308camo-schleierhidden behind a vail, could you tell?

An so I am now making my entry by posting picshures wherer i am all secludeds wike, an you have the pleasure to try an tell where i am secludings myself, playsing the fun game of spotting the doucette!

130-17478booth2Daddy TeddyTom4u’s market booth on Su. Aug 18th 2013

and meeheee, hiding behind a mug of beer – can you see’s me?


130618WV92334-16946and herer under the owange pop-up gazzebbo… can you spot me?


1307riverette-bully2can you find me camouflaged on the owange bulldozer?


baywa1208-house63my clutch gives me away herer a widdle *giggles*


flowers-1206taigaspoils-48hiding in a sea of flowers, where is da doucette at?

*giggles morer*


1308camo-twillightalmost invisible: hiding out in the twillight!


travels86-defensewall14083playing blimvisibul! *giggles-lots*


dwunkonthebooth3in the naughty corner, feeling all sowwie! & wishing i were invisibul 

luckilie for me, i am not that often in that naughty corner

cuz i am rarely in twuble cuz i am a good girl bear, wight? wight!


veggieday-doucette-springgardenwell camouflaged against the oranges on the wall-paper 


1308beddie-camototal camo with a doucette-peachie blankie!

you would not have sportted me above, if i did not hints you, wight?



*giggles morererer*





130 picshures!

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i am so fudging exciteds i can bearly contain myself! – did you catch the fun pun? barely with bear in it = bearly! – ahem, anyways! i am so exciteds cuz cuz cuz cuz on Sunday, August 18th Daddy an i attended a farm market accompanying the 25th anniversary of a local yesteryears tractor club.

130-schildthe Schlüter twactor club has a BEAR as their mascot! an Daddy has meheee!

An though we had a booth therer, we managed to sneaks away on a few picshure taking/modeling sprees, (many thanks to Daddy’s collegue Pete for watching our booth during absence times an also the fun day we had togethurrr wif BaBearian beer an all!)

130-17372_MANcollegue Pete and Daddys caws getting ready in the morning –

an me on an M.A.N. twactor posings all happsies

 an so we brought back home 130 picsures of meheee and them beautimous restaurated twactors an stuff!

130-17373_MANidyllic ole farm housies, framing the M.A.N. twactor from yesteryear –

an modern me!     *giggles*

130-17416_tractorsthere were twactors everybear! (an mehee too!)

so now Daddy an i use our rare spare time to go fru dem picshures an compose dem to intewesting blogs so you can share our joy for them ever-gween twactors, wight? wight! stay tuned, it will be worth it – pwomise!





teddie doucette: peace-maker at the riverette

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Peopol, herer is wot weavy happunsed. i was walking on a bridge over troubled water, when i heard those sad screams for help. there was a wot of sniffeling an dem sads and fears. an since i am a bear too, i rushed therer saysing: doucette to the wescue!


it was not long before i found them distressed flowers cwysing about how a bully bulldozer is intimidatings dem, threatening to push them offf shore into the water!

1307riverette-bridge2wot? that is an outwage!!!

i was so shocksed, but also quite agitateds. it is so mean to intimidate others, and to threaten them wike that! grrrrrr GRRRRRRR!

1307riverette-bridge3grrrr GRRRRR GRRRRIZZLY!

i decided that enough is enough and that i would take matturs in my own paws. the twee gave me some of its strength and pointed me in the wight diwectunnn!

1307riverette-pilzhewwo Mr Shroom, i shall helps you soon!

blades of grass, and other widdle plants were so happsie to hear, someone heard their screams and would helps them. Misturrr Shroom was very desperate too. How sads is that! all them planties hiding in fear. gggrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

1307riverette-bridge4no-one bullies my friends and gets away wif it!

i was determined to bring an end to this injustice! bullies only act as if they were strong, in fact they are weaklings! i didnt fear that bully no matter what his size was! show yourself, coward! i darsed him. i found him hiding, shaking behind a shed!


13sola-dono47you fink you can intimidates me? i am friends with fierce dinosaurs!

1307riverette-bully1pffft, you cannot intimidate a bearrrrrr, you mean ole bully!

i grabbed his arms and wrestled them down with my bear paws (*giggles, fun pun. did you get it? bare hands are bear paws in teddy language) and scolded him good. if you dont stop being such a meanie awound here, i will teach you a lesson! i thundered. he tried one last attempt of defiance, and asked wot i would do about it? – but he got the wong one with such a BRATtitude!

linie firewall anim

without further ado, i jumped on his shoulder, and yanked his ear with all my might! he wailed and screamed and pleaded for me to let go!

1307riverette-bully2i will only let go if you pwomise to be a good boy fwom now on!

after quite some begging and lots of tearful pwomises to neburrr eburrr even threaten, let alone cause any harm to any of  my fwends, i finallie let go but had him appologize to each and every little he had been mean to beforer. he had learned a lesson or two, because he pwomised them an me, he would now be their pwotector! what a change of pace!

1307riverette-bridge5knowing i had saved my fwends an also helpsed a former bully to use his strength in a positive way i smiled fwom one ear to another. it feels good to be a widdle hewo, fwom time to time, too! so if you wanna know how gwand it feels to be a peace maker, do not allow bullies to eburrr get away wif deir scawy tactics. wight? wight!





rawr! …or: how to tame a dinosaur!

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in todays ‘Do It Yourself’ blog i wanna adwess an issue everyone is confronteds wif at one point or the other in your life. When you meet with a dinosaur, how can you tames it?


So the first step is to get informsed. what kinda fella do we have to do with. what is their name, where are they fwom, an wot do they wike


Now that you have a back-gwound check, you go and meet them in their natural habitat. Because there, they will be themselves, and you are bestlie preBEARsed for that, wight? wight. Just be yourself and be self-confident. It is their pleasure to meet you, as it is for you to meet them!


just say hello to them, it will grab their attention. wike i did herer: hewwo, i am doucette. how are you

and you will be supwized how they will react all fwendlies

oooh wot, a glamours girl bear visits mean ole me?

look for what you have in common, not what makes you fifferent. wike dino and i both are awesome in our own ways, an we bof have our beary spechial fans…. so that gave us somefing to talk about an bweak the ice, and so the chit chat was all nice!


if you wanna know somefing, ask wespectfullies. you will see they will be happy to answer your beary questunnns

wike i asksed: say: are dinos ticklurtish too? no? mind if i twy?

13sola-dino32lets go and find a ticklish spot….

13sola-dino34therer! wooksie, made dino dance and giggle and wiggle

once you found such common ground, you will part as bestest friends, and there is no question about it:


RAWR does mean I LOVE YOU in donosaur


Winnie the Pooh photoshoot and an abduction!

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you can imagine how happsie i was when i had been scheduled for a photo-shoot co-modeling with other stuffies and also Winnie the Pooh!

1307TXconnection09l > r: brownbear van hauten, horsie sugarcute, fish rupert and meeheee

Us models met before for an informal briefing, getting to know each other, exchanging experiences and chit chatting. The pic from that phase is rather fuzzy, it is just a snapshot of some fun backstage time!

1307TXconnection81winnypoohwooksie: he is ticklurtings meeee!


i got beary exciteds when i heard i would be posings with Winnie and his staff – they are BIBs: beary important bearsonalities after all.

*giggles: fun pun: instead of VIP, BIB giggles morer*

but to my supwise Winnie and his friends were all laid back and easie going. During the shoot, Winnie grabbed behind my head and ear and ticklurteds meeheee! i was giggle friggling a lot! shooting withem Poohbear-gang was genuinly awesome!


Now it was time to regroup for the Texas Connection picture shoot. Because well you see, the horsie sugarcute has a twin sister in Texas, and both van hauten and rupert are real Texan boys who joined Daddy TeddyTom4u and me to live with us in the BaBearian tundra! And since Winnie and his friends had been so much fun, i inviteds them ova to our shoot!



So we got all comfy in the beddie an had so much fun when suddenly out of no-where a giant black panther appearsed!



And SHOCK – HORROR AND SUPWIZE!!!!! suddenly


rupert the fish was gone, and so was the panther! we all were so shocksed, see? well Daddy TeddyTom4u to the rescue, and 

1307rupertluckily rupert could be found beforer somefing worser could have happunsed!

1307TXconnection91exhausted and happies we all had a good nite sweeps, with Winnie and his fwends pwotecting we. 

see? being a model can be sometimes dangerous an demanding.

but thank goodness there was a happy ending an by the by, no-one was hurted during the shoot