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Bento shopping – again!!!

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what can one does when the winturrr is looong and doesnt evar seem to goes away? of courser wait it out wif a hot chocolate, but also…


Iwe can goes shoppsins!!! an an so, i been to Bento shoppings again!! I gots meeehheee all the funsies new blinks, well bento’s anyways!




in case you didnt notice this is a blue cat bento lunch box! well an meee!


it has two compartments to it, one of which can also be a nice plate an comes wif its own sophisticated spoonsies, and the lid wif da motive! it is so pwettimous!


so my kitty bento isnt all alonsiesi also buysesed me a bear bento box!


wooksie, it is wike doucie super sized an all cute wike, wight?


an the best part is, that the yellow bear parts and the blue cat parts are the same sizes, an an an sooo, they are interchangebulz. thats like the ebstest, wight? wight!








Expedition: tracing the “Miricul-Ticklurts”

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i am not suwa, yall knows abouts a cweature that comes out of no-where, ticklurts you wike caweyzey and is gone before you can even spots it! you may say, you have never encountered this cweaturrr, but i has and it ticklurts wike no tomowow!

140301-flowers-spring-crowkiss-group*rolling on the floor laughing*

And so i gathered all my bearlie braveries


 and went on an expeditunnn, to trace the cweature to where it lives…in its secluded habitat!


I flew to that concealed locatunn wif a hellocopter and therer onforth  i was on my beary  own

1403_ticklurt-01i had to be beary brave indeed, and climb the highest mountains…

1403_ticklurt-03_topsbalancing on a mountain top is quite dangewous!


i had to cwosses instable and nawwow wooden bridges passing by huges saurians!

1403_ticklurt-05blklite-0Climbing the mountains in the dawk is nuffing for peopol (or bears) with fears and touchie nerves!

1403_ticklurt-04blklite1notice my faciul expressunnn? i spotteds sumfing!

Finullie down in the valley ahead of me, i spotteds a grotto of sorts with some cave arch and door to it, and so i went therer, 


even if it were spooksy!

1403_ticklurt-06doorpuzzeled by the scawy door… i can hear sumfing, oh no, oh NO!

The door was wike a mirror, throwing my reflection back. Or was i trapped, inside, not knowing, i could not escape, nor hide? i was beary afwaid, and i had reason to be, as i was to discover, quite quicklies!

1403_ticklurt-07eeeephelps meeheee, helps meeheeeeeeeeeeee!

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP wuns – wuns as fast as you can, the MIRICUL TICKLURT cweature is after meeheeeeeeee!

macgalbear31i quicklies climbsed up the hellocopter an an we flew away, before the ticklurts-monster could gets me!

hat-cowgirlI am still kinda hiding, hoping the Miricul Ticklurt Monster wont trace me! That was beary scawy, wight?






dont be a chicken!

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Dont be a chicken! I for suwa wasnt, an so i got me some of the most yummiest chickens in the world… preBEARsed by Mrs Teddy, and oooh it was so yummsie!!!!!!!!

14-food-chickenbackedBaked chicken on buttered pasta and tomatoes: le yummmmmm!

And you know whats also good? Mrs Teddys’s rich in knoedels chicken soup! It rhymed and so its twue… it is fine.. too!

13food-chickensoupso delightfuls i wanna bathe in it!

i know your mouthes all all watery now, cuz you are drooling all ova da place, an i dont blames you. Mrs Teddy makes the besetestest dishes. wight? WIGHT!!!!!!!!!





blog envy & new modeling jobs spree

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Peopol, peopol, peopol!

you would not believes how blog envy gots me a spree of new modeling jobs. But its twue, as you will see for yourselfer.


You do recall that i started out wif an homage to Paramount’s Star Trek The Next Generation (TNG) wif my foto-shoot disguised as Whoopie Goldbergs character Guinon

leaving the make-up parlor

leaving the make-up parlor

Well and soon after that George Lukcs from Star Wars wanted me to portray one of his movie characters, and we agweed i’d be an Ewok!


Howeburrrr:i had no idea this would become such a craze and fashunnna, since lately i got a call


with rawring urgency

an so i compliesed of coursie, got all maked up all ova


packed a tiny yet fashionable suitcase wif only them mostest urgent necessities…


mounted their hellocopter


and did a shoot with the MGM stars Tom cat and Jerry mouse! seeheeeeeeeeee?


and that is not all, but the other blog envy enduced picshure shoot, and wif whom i been shootings… is still a secwet and a tale for a future blog.

reading teddy

stay tuneds tho… you will herer it herer firster! wight? wight!


twicks gwandma knew: an apple a day….

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Peopol, peopol, peopol.

in them good ole days of gwandma, (that is the time where everything was black’n’white)


thems peopol had a saying for everything. they had a saying to predict the weathur, but they also had sayings about how to keep healthy, an one of them was:



Unless you have an allergy – which nowadays (where everything is all colorfuls) is not that rare unfortunately – you should munch up one whole apple every day. There are far morer than 100 active pharmaceutical ingredients in an apple, starting with Vitamins A, B & C and lots and lots morer that would be too borsing to name… you can research it yourselfer on the net or ask your doctor or teacher!

reading teddy

A sneak peek into the capacities of apples reveal it will help against rheumatism, gout, arteriosclerosis and cleanses your blood to name but 4 of the dozens of healing capacities! 


Make suwa you washes it all clean firster though: Use warm water and soap and rinse well. Apples are usually very affordable and come in all kinds of sizes, shapes and colors an an an TASTES!!! If you have some extra space on your back- or front yard, do plant your own apple tree. them gardener peopol now even make potted mini apple trees for your balcony!


Not only can you dances and climbs awesumlies in an apple tree, its blossoms will splendidlies amazes you and provide for them bees toos!


So listens to the granny when she will say: 


an apple a day will keep the doctor away

wight? wight!


the pink…. church!

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How do you build a relationship with God?


Well in BaBearia they came up with this concept….

licht - lampe

you have to build a housie for God that reflects your wish for a nice relationship.


And in order for it to be weavy nice you has the housie to reflect that relation-SHIP as much as possuble.

And so into the sea of fields and trees, they planted this churchie, that totally wooks wike a ship – wooksie!


They also painted it bright pink: beacause pink is the color of God, evidentullie. 


Huges windows let the light into the churchie, but also are a sign of transparancies – because you dont wanna hide and seclude an stuffs, not before your God anyways, wight? wight!

14-powhog-212The entry area is kept neat and tidies, with two pairs of columns framed with pink length stripes … because we all know that lengthy stripes are pleasing to the eye (and also make you look thinner) *giggle*


This churchie was built in the 18th century, namelies in 1796: beary impwessive, the peopol in BaBearia building a pink church all neat wike that!


fry me a wiener

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yes, you hearded that wight peopol

 this is not so you can cry me a river, instead you bettur fry me a wiener *giggle-lots* 

if you add onions, potatoes and cheese to the pan, it will be so awesumsauce, you will wish to jump right in!


seeheee? i can hardly contain muhself.. i wunna jump wight in!


there may be peopol claimsing, this food was too much on the fat or heavy side….


but wif winter taking its grip on us, we do need some extra energy so we dont fall victim to colds an germs an stuff, wight? wight!


of course you can always try to keep warm and healthy wif aroma therapy but twust me, the pan i describsed above is way more yummsie!

so all you need is some wieners or hot-dogs, slize them up, make minicubes of potatoes and onions and fry them wif some oil or butter. at the end add some cheese and let it melt all over the place… 

14food-wurstkaese-pfanneif you wanna you can use soy/vegeterian “hot-dogs” yumsilicious!

and finullies: yumms it up (but dont burn your mouf!)