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fanmail: a parcul, i gots a parcoool!

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I am so exciteds so exciteds to tells you i gots fan mail wecentlies fwom the United States of AmBEARica and this blogser is to shows you all them goodies comsing along wif it!


it was gweatly packsed up so nuffing would bweak an stuff, wight? wight!


I gots a bag filled wif goodies for the bafwoom: LUSH baf bomb an an soap an stuff but also… gots a smoool vaseline pots for muh housie!

but the bestest is that


a beautimous fwend comsins along, meet Fwancisfwom AmBEARica


he bwoughtmeeeheeee a smool vaseline pot for muh housie,  so cutie!


i wubs hims!!!! he has a huges kissabuls mouf!


an i gots a wuvlies wubscard for Valentines on topser! I am so spoilsed!


Fwancis bwought meeeeeesedible teddy bear cookies!!! wif honey so yum!

that was the bestest parcul eburrr!









the beauty and the bees

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wot would we do, me and you wifout them bees an an an where would we be, without our diligents bees? how would our world be… i tells you, quite empties and sads…

twees86-gorseginster1203Did you know, that to make one kilogram of honey , them bees are flying some 240 000 kilometers, or 6 times awound the world? If that is not diligence and dedicatunnn!

animals_beean keeps in mind them bees are tinies too! to them a meter to fly is a wot, let alone the bout 85 kilometers a day, whne they pollenize some 200 flowers. that is every day, mind you.  Thats wike 8 of 10 of all flowers out there that they are helpsing to multiply.


and them bees need now some help in returns! it is not much that they asks of us, peopol, but lets all just does what needs be dones and not pretend it is not our business. cuz it so is. No bees, means no apples, no honey, almost no flowers, no cherries, no pears, no berries, no tomatoes,  no jam and NO FUN!

can you imagine how sads the world would be wifout those yummies?


a world wifout strawberries? how sads!

food_fruitNcoffeeand so many other fruit would be gone for good… ugh!


which would also mean no more jams and marmelades …

food86-applesgalawho could have a box of apples then?


and nevermorer delightful honey? wah!!!!!!

 blackberries would only be phones, not fruit, no good!

and wif no tomatoes? no more pizza eithur…

So wot can you, can anyone of us do? It is quite easy, mind you. Just plant flowers in gardens or even within cities where-eburr possuble.


Maybe you have a window sill where you can plant just a few flowers in a pot, all year long…


so them bees can get some food along the way….


and dont you use herbicides in your yards.


Because even weeds can be a rastaurant for bees, wight?




green up your life!

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i noticed that there are less an less bees awound, an that is beary sad because it means also less honey and us bears wuv honey!


It also means much less fruit and thus higher prices for these yummy vitamine providers… it is an all in all sad stowy

twee-cherry3But it need not be such a sad stowy, because to help them bees and other species to survives each and everyone of us can do their part! For example do not get rd of “weeds” in your yards and flowerpots, such as the dandelions or daisies. They not only look beautimous, they also provide for generations of bees!


Around your house there may be some odd places where you could put flower pots. Why not get a summer flower seeds mix and plant that for a change.


Cornflowers, chrysanthemum and many others will provide well for the diligent bees and bumble-bees and be very pleasing to your eye. That small path to your garage or terace could become a diner for bees!

1307housie9233400-4Your very window sill could become a refreshing oases not only for your eye, not only for the peopol walking by but most importantly for them bees! You can have flowers growing there from early spring to late fall too!


Even a little herb garden will provide food for bees, because thyme, rosemary, sage, basil, oregano and many other delicious kitchen herbs also bloom and have tiny flowers for the bees to attend to. So its a double win. Food for them and more yummy food for you as well!


Go easy on ripping out weeds alongside your house and on pathways. Wooksie what blooming wonders may grow from what may have looked like weed! And while sometimes the potted plants need some extra care, and may be late bloomers, the natural robust “weeds” will please you with their growth and magnificence: for free!!!!


Your paved, and maybe boring yard (or is it ZEN? *giggles*) can be flowered up quite easily creating an eye catcher everyone will envy you for. And the bees will get food galore!


And of course you can even ask in your local district, grocery store or city council if you or them could not turn the rather boring traffic refuge into a colorful bees refuge, so everybody wins!


See? it would not be so hard for them bees if everyone did at least one of those suggestions. i know that not everyone lives in a housie, but you do have a window sill, and maybe you also could just plant some flower seeds on them outskirts, in “no mans land”. It is an all win situation after all,  wight? wight!