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fanmail: a parcul, i gots a parcoool!

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I am so exciteds so exciteds to tells you i gots fan mail wecentlies fwom the United States of AmBEARica and this blogser is to shows you all them goodies comsing along wif it!


it was gweatly packsed up so nuffing would bweak an stuff, wight? wight!


I gots a bag filled wif goodies for the bafwoom: LUSH baf bomb an an soap an stuff but also… gots a smoool vaseline pots for muh housie!

but the bestest is that


a beautimous fwend comsins along, meet Fwancisfwom AmBEARica


he bwoughtmeeeheeee a smool vaseline pot for muh housie,  so cutie!


i wubs hims!!!! he has a huges kissabuls mouf!


an i gots a wuvlies wubscard for Valentines on topser! I am so spoilsed!


Fwancis bwought meeeeeesedible teddy bear cookies!!! wif honey so yum!

that was the bestest parcul eburrr!









how to spend an autumn week-end…

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sometimes us widdles can get all borsed when the weathur is turning shady an nasty wike, wight? wight! But then boredom often leads to twuble, an who wants to be in twuble, not me, i can tells you.

licht - lampe

An an an an soooo i thought to myself i will gives you some ideas how you can spend a nice week-end in the fall with no boredom at all!



One thing that you can does is has a beauty parlor day just at home…

labellestudio-trick3-step2how bouts taking a bubble bath and relax in warm water?

spa1205-056brushesand a nap in warm towels….

You can also uses the time to start writing holiday greetings in advance and letters to peopol you wanted to write to but never found the time in the hectic days and evenings…usparceljul-052

Dear Santa…. i has been a good widdles,
so pwease bwing me prezzels galore!

If the weather outside is rainy and windy and wike uglies, you can make a widdle fashunnn show at home, an dwess up and feel wike a weal pwincess!


tons of jewelry worn at once will make for feeling all princessy wike!

you can also go fru your stuff and find wot once mades you happsie but you dont need anymorer, so you can send it as a care package to the less fortunate ones!

usparceljul-064but dont forget to climb out the package before mailing it away *giggles*

but if all fails, there is always plan B, B wike babybear!