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missing bearson! please re-blog!

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this is heart wrenchings an an my heart broke a widduls because of this upsetting stowy, and so i am askins all of my followers to pwease helps spwead the word, because we need all da help we can get. Yall wememburr this fella?


Muh Daddy wanteds to gifts him along wif other toys to a fwend of mine, a girlie who has it weavy beary tough in her life, and is wike stwuggle bus all the time, like in pain for weal and not much fun at all!


and so we made her a care package wif toys, hewwo kitty stickers, teddy bear mugs n stuff,  to cheers her up and gives her hope, and Cliff (the huges bear) was in therer, and other fun stuff to cheers a girlie up!



Well wot do you know, the mail service DHL Paket fwom BaBeariaGermany (Bavaria) lost the package somewhere near FFM Airport on Dec 14th, 10 days after the package was given to them to be delievered to TX/USA, 3 weeks ahead of Christmas, so wike time enough.


It is stuck there, and the DHL doesnt seem to care. Daddy has a twacking number alwight, but that wont help because teh package is just stuck and no-one cares to helps.  That the girlies Christmas was ruined, (and ours too!) is heartbweakins enough.


We need to make the delivery happuns. Cliff cannot be lost!!!!!


officuls missing bearson search phote to share pls

So Daddy decided to go public fwom his tweeter account, an on his international shamanism blog, where you can find the full stowwy too, and i am askins yall, wike beggins you, to pwease helps us bwing Cliff to his wightful Mommy, the girlie in Tx/USA i has come to wubs wike a weal Sista!


Cliff (and me, admiring the size of his good ♥)

i will be over hewer cwyins an pwayins an holdins on tight on the widduls hope i has, and the memowies of Cliff, whom i wubsed and still wub an who needs to get to TX, wike NOW! wight?