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in my last last blogseri has tolds you all bouts how i celebwate muh winter solstice holidays wif a bearmas celebwatunnnna!, which i tolds you all bouts, but in short it is wike a nature celebwatunnna, caus ethere is bear in it, an an an also a lot of christmas wike stuff, cause, bearmas, wight? wight!

Today i wanna knows what is your favorite part of the winter celebratunnns?

is it about the snow?


or the canduls glow?


do you wike to play santa?


dwess the twee?


or do you prefer the santa’s elves?


or go to church?


is it so much fun to write holiday cards (and receive thems)


lil chocolate bears: bearfect!

or about all the fun decowatunnn?


Is it about them carol-singers?


abour fruit and vegetabuls?


common or exotic?


well either way, i know we all wubs them holidays! wight? wight!






i got spoilsed wotten!!!!!!!

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Muh Mommy an muh Daddy bof have spoilsed me wotten, wotten, wotten, wotten! Wooksie, thems have gifted meeheee chocolate bears an a yule card!!!! i am the wuckiest widdle bear in the whole wide world, for suwa….. wight?

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And how was your Santa?





DIY: dressing the holiday tree (pt.2)

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finullie it is yule and christmas and so it’s time we gets our twee finishesed up so we can get all them prezzies and stuff, wight? wight! Last time we did the gold stuff, now we need to add the red festoons…


firster you need to dive into the box wif dem decoratunnns, *giggle*

and therer you take your pick…


13yuletree-deko2-16122drag the garland onto the tree, but be carefuls not to get 

accidently tied to the tree yourselfer!



13yuletree-deko2-16124unwind the garland and tidielie wrap it onto them branches of your twee!

just exactlies, wike meeheee!! *giggle-fit*

13yuletree-deko32in the end your twee will wooks sumfing wike this: beautimous!!!

13yuletree-deko31Merry Christmas, Blessed Yule & Happy Holidays

says doucette,

to all my fwends an fans an families

Mommy, Daddy, Goggies, Kitties and Bearsies

wubs you!!!!!


DIY: how to dress a holiday tree

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Arent you just as exciteds as meeheeee about the yule holidays? To you it may be better known as Christmas, but the tradition to decorate an evergreen tree and celebrate the rebirth of light around the winter solstice is known as yule, wight? wight! But names are just names, yet games are fun games, and what a nice fun game it is to dresses the twee! This blog shows you how to does it all yourselfer, wike me!


get the boxes filled with suitable decorations… 




stroll through the boxes and take your pick…

*giggles morer*


13yuletree-deko16120be careful not to get trapped in the moment or you end up making a mess

*giggles lots*

All those shining bright colors, of garlands and festoons and tinsel makes you wanna dive into it, and when you take a wook above, i suwa did! Though you’d feel wike a star on the red carpet, don’t get carried away! We have a tree to decorate, and the light fades quicklies this time of the year! When we take our pick, we might wanna wemeburrr that the colors have meanings too. Red symbolizes fire and gold the Sun, red is the life and birth and gold is the light, silver is the moon at night…

13yuletree-deko16118pulling out a garland of gold to get started…


13yuletree-deko16117and tidying it up so i can uses it more easilelies!



13yuletree-deko16121and climbing the twee, carefullies, attaching the garland to the twee!


Seeheee? It is not as hard as you might have thunked, wight? wight! And in the next blog i will shows you morer about this an also them wesults. So stay tuned and

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and A Blessed Yule!