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So, peopol asksed me, doucette, they askesed, doucette what do you do, like for realzzzz, when your Daddy TeddyTom4u makes a sale and you get your commissiun? 


And well, i can exzactlies tells  you what i does. i does the happie teddie doucette dance. like refently, when Mrs Teddy handmade the set of ivory colored undyed 100% cotton wif metal applications bracelet and choker/collar, that was so beautifuls,


an an an it got solds? OMG omg OMG, I was so happies, I cheersed: Yay, yay, sale , sale! – see????



an next time i tells you how happy i was when a necklace and earrings got solds – there was a whole Salebratiun-dance involvsed, but dats for da next time. now i am off to spends all my commissiun on some make up. YAY!





Rummaging in the Vintage Cozy Place (1)

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Peopol, wistens! wistens, wistens, wistens! I has been borsed, so fudging borsed, alone at home, wif Daddy TeddyTom4u and Mrs Teddy busy doing groceries shoppings an so i decideds to go on a shopping spree! weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! but i has no permissiun to be spendings my money, an an so i was a good girl an just went window-shoppings.

an i discovereds a few places online where you can go shoppings from at home, even if outside is a storm or rain or snow. an this way your paws do not get wet nor dirty, and you can orders from home an get your stuff delivered to your door! Innit like awesummmm?

So anyway, i discovered this great stowe, with beautifuls stuff inside, wif handmade garments for Barbie dolls! WOW!!! – I even envy them Barbies a widdle, because dey get so many beutifuls dwesses. I mean imagine to walk down the stweet or to some ball-room in this fuchia majestic garment! But you will now say, – well those are fine dwesses but you need some day to da youtfits? well, they has dem too, and them sets are unbelievable. wish i could spends my money on dat! wookie, also from dem 1980s but good as new! – or how bout dis, so many outfits for less than 30$ – its a steal

So you can say, dats all for dem dolls, what bout us bigs? well – you wont be disappointeds. You can shop for jewelry like a Malachite bracelet

And wookie, they even has a red Valentino purse from the 1980s. thats an era like, looooooooooong ago, but not so fudging long like granny time. but well, see for yourself. and talking bout purses, dere you can also has one shiny one in black vinyl

oooh so frilling. Hurry scurry and get your deal today, all items are one of a kind!


Every Season has its Weason! – part one: winter –

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Peopol, wistens to me paweeze. I often wistens to people an an an an i hears dem complains about weather. That is pwetty much a waste of time an energy! Because face it, you will never be able to contwol the weather, and never ever will the weather be able to accommodate you all, because you all has fifferent preferences, an they also change, like all the time!


But i also knows, that it is easier to stop complainings (an whinings) bout stuff when you better understands it. I learnsed that too, because when i weally weally want something, like cravings it, i will also start whining an complaining in hopes to achieve my goals an get what i wants, but stwangely throwing a fit only lands me in the norty corner, because Daddy TeddyTom4u wont have any of it (le pout, so unfairs). But then He will takes the time after i have been in twuble and seen the wong of my ways, an an He will explains me, why my wish cannot be mets, an when i wisten, like weawy closly, He does make sense.

So now, i will tells you peopol, why every season has its own weason, so you understands, an can quit whining and throwing tantrums at the weather. Because, i cannot even imagines, what twuble Father Sky and Mother Earth will put you through for you throwing fits like that an whinings about the weather they are giftings you wif.

So, when winter comes, the temperatures are expected to drop, like a lot, an then it is all colds outside. Throughout the day, if it is a clear day, the sun will shine onto the ground, an a clear day usually means it is more easily to be supporteds, cold-wise. It is cold, but the sun is kinda warm, an also it is a dwy cold, an that is always easier to adapt to.

If there are clouds in the sky, the cold is more wet, an harder to support. Then you need to put on many extwa layers of fur/clothes so you stays warm! Your body needs also more sustenance – an thats why you are more hungry in winter, an yum all them cookies an fat food. Because your body needs sweet and fat to stay warm. So dont complains, when you are gifted a cold season, because then you can yum all the yummies!!!!!!


On the nights, sumfing is fifferent. A cloudy night will be a widdle warmer then a cloud-less one. But in any case you need to know that you has to stay warm, when going outside, and when you weturn, make suwe you get something warm to dwink! Also eat more fruit an vegetables, because you need them vitamins now so much and morer. An if you include onions and garlic in your diet, your immune system (that is them guardians of your health, in case you didnt know!) will always be up and wunning!

So if you wook at winter fwom Mother Earth’s and Father Sky’s point of view, you will see, how everything is like sweeping! An indeed the snow is often called a blanket, because thats how these Big Bigs makes suwes, all them widdles can relax an gather stwength for the coming season. An well, like all Bigs, them Two wont like their widdles to be waken needlessly an disturbsed, so just see it the way it is. It is like a giant bed-time.

So you too best rest morer, and sweep more an weawy, do not complains bout it. Dere is so much beauty to be seen, so maybe dwess in warm furs/clothes, an take a widdle walk, to discover all dem sweet widdle loving gweetings Daddy Sky and Mommy Earth left for us.

An next time you feels like complainsing, instead just be a gratefuls widdle one, so you dont get in twuble, an say sumfing that will pwease dem Bigs Mommy and Daddy!!, maybe you come up wif your own line, but if not just pics mine: “Fank you Big Daddy and Big Mommy for all the abundance an also for the blessing of winters….





Pursaddiction, re-blogged with permissiun!

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Mrs Teddy found the bestest purses and i wanna wanna wanna has dem too!!!!!!

Daddy? Daddyyyyyhyyyy?


via Pursaddiction.


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via Pursaddiction.

via Pursaddiction.

Wooksing for & awaitings the spwings!

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Peopol, wistens, wistens wistens, I has some great news.

While winter is still hasings its tight grip on here, i has heard from both Mrs Teddy and Daddy TeddyTom4u that Springtime is but around the corner. An an an an, after all that snow and colds of many a day of 20C / 4f bellow zero, i am quite impatience to be hasing a decent spwing, damnit. Ooopsie, did i just say damnit out loud? Paweeze do not tell to Daddy TeddyTom4u on me that a Big word slipsed out, or i am in twuble, an an an i don’t wanna be in twuble! Espechially wif spwing-time just around the corner!!!!

 being in twuble is no fun! so us widdles, especially us good bear girls, avoids it!

so, ok, you will now say, how every season has its weason, an an an thats wight of course. Wight? Wight! An you will also maybe fink, that, what the fudge is teddie doucette complainings about, she is a teddy bear and bears have a thick skin, an layers of fat, an a warm fuzzy fur for protectiun from da colds, an an an also they hibernate!

An while thats certainly twue for dem bears, an partly twue for teddies, it suwe is not so much twue for me, because wemeber? I am a photo-model, an i do not has the luxury to hibernate at all! I am lucky if i get a full nights sweep every night, because i often have unscheduled extra photo-shoots, sometimes in da middle of da night! When duty calls, you cannot let it scream, well sorta you can, but shhh thats a big big secwet an an an when you get caughts you are in Big BIG twuble!

So betta wears your brave teddie face an do gives in to the duty call, because if they catches you avoidings it, you will still has to do it an also get in twuble, and no-one wants to be in twuble!!!! espechially not i, because i am after all a good bear girl – HUMPF!

 …so i used my explorer spirit and went outside our house to wooks were da spwing is hidings! 

Ok, so, since Daddy TeddyTom4u and Mrs Teddy both said, spwing was just around the corner, I made a widdle tour through the back-yard and looksed if i can spots the spring. An twuly, it was a kinda warm day, well at least in the sun. It was still bellow water freezing temperature, do not get me wong. But the sun made it easier to bear (giggle! Pun, fun pun, giggle: bear, got it? Giggle!!!)

  on the watch-out for spwing, but it was no-where to be seen, so i went wooksing elsewhere’s for it.

 looksed in the water container (rain-collector), but it was frozen. sure no spwing here. LE POUT! 

looksed up to the skies, but no spwing dere either. so not fairs!

  so I wandered around the  yard, hopsing to find spwing dere, but wookie! still snow everywhere’s! (fudge!!) 

even the widdle summer-house, La Villa Luna had no trace of spwing! HUMPF!!!

 so i climbed up the white-thorn bushes, in hopes to see where da spwing is hidings, but still no luck. *le sigh* 

So anyway, i looksed everywhere – but spring did not yet arrivsed. HUMPF. Watcha waiting for, Spwing? We all want to see you as soon as possuble, so wakes up, wakes UP, WAKES UPPPPP!!!!!



how to tame a dragon

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So, wisten peopol I has to tells you, has to has to an an an firstest has to ask my questiun!


How can you tame a dragon?


now some peopol say that dragons dont exists, but those peopol have closed minds are blind or even toopid! because every littles knows that dragons do exist and how they do, too. An an an telling a dragon you dont exist will makes the dragon likely wanna chaw your legs like pretzels so better dont, you know? But the questiun remains and so…. you guessesed it wight of course hasnt you? Because you cannot TAME a dragon ever. You cannot cuz cuz cuz cuz a dragon is by nature untame-able. dragons are wild and free creatures and if you tame or captures them you have not a dragon but some sad changeling at your hands or paws. 


but you can of course appease or even please an agitated dragon and thereby win their twust!  and a dragon is a terrible enemy to have but also a terrific friend to have, so betta you makes peace wif them dwagons before they eats you for breakfast :-s


but how can you appease an agitated dragon you ask? well, there is a twick  an an an I am willings to share. what surely does helps is when you are cute or look cute. making funny faces but not mocking the dwagon helps quite a lot, because the dwagon will notice and see you are not threatening it an maybe will even feel how you are twying to makes the dwagon giggle. if that is achievsed you has a communicatiuns bases, and should take it from dere. you ask wot wot wot how?

well so wistens cuz i am about to tells you. now that you has the dwagons attentiun, you wemember that many dwagons are very vivid in the chinese culture, wight? wight! an so, you take that as a clue and show genuine interest for the dwagon an show your appreciatiun. China. what does that sound like… CH-A-I-N-A – no, not chains, sillie! you dont wanna even think to capture a dwagon, they would make gyros out of you! sneeze some fire your way and chop of the crunchy meat – giggle – no! you dont wanna that. you want the dwagon to be your fwiends, after all. so chai… well an chai is actually a chinese drink, or what we call TEA. so make your knowledge your forTEA an an an get some water boiling. use a cute mug, because it is about funs and twust an more funs to be had.



and then yum up your cup of tea wif the new fwiendlier dwagon. you cannot tame a dwagon, but with tea you can make dwagon your fwiend, and thats quite something.

 so i will enjoy my cup with mine, and you can enjoy yours with yours