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Just another BaBearian Medieval Market Day

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last Sunday I helpsed muh Daddy on a market in a medieval BaBearian city center. Here are some beary nice impwessions.

140727greding18800the church wore a burkha… 

140727greding18799the hotel/restaurant house is painted wif a medieval scene

and the castle is pink … so cute!

140727greding18801the medieval looking market booths complete the pitoresque picshure

this one is muh Daddy’s booth, aswesome-sauce, wight? wight!

hope you enjoysed the widdle walk awound. 






Valley of the Black Bable

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in BaBearia they have the stwangest places. Some are quite scawy, howeburr some have funny names too! Wike the monumental Valley of the Black Bable – at least that is what the German name translates to.

14-BYlaber10Tal= valley, Schwarz = black, Laber = to babble *giggles*

Despite the funsy name, the place is beary impwessings, not only to a widdle teddie girl wike me. wooksie!

14-BYlaber11calm and serene the riverette, yet she has some might

the Black Laber river, just like doucette, reflects natures smile


wondering what wizzard lives at the black rivers shore?

so secluded by those mighty trees

a squeeling, shrieking, as they open the door

we bettur runs away all quicklies!

14-BYlaber21can you feels the intensity of the river,

calmly yet mightily diggings its way fru the valley…


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and one mightilie, beary impwessive valley it is! wight?




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wot do you call spoilses of summers? 

welcome sun anim


well for meheee, summer spoilage is all bouts wondermous food

14-food-potatosteaktartarenuffing wike steak, potatoes, butter an a herbal cheese 

food-salad120629fresh ‘n’ light salads…

14-flowers-summer-herbs21idealies spiced up wif self-grown herbsies!

warm weathurs, sunshine, an long evenings outside….

13strom1210-15741sunset colorfull sunsets, an a cool breeze by a cweek… summes are delightfuls!


beautimous flowers…14-flowers-summer-margarit31

 marguerites wooks wike shining suns, wight? wiiight!


wild red poppy flowers conquering else grey, boring spots…

14-flowers-summer-mohn11and defeating them with their fragile yet persistent beauty

14-flowers-summer-mohn21while their cultivated relatives fwom turkey

share their owange’n’ red splendour to them greens of grass

and nuffing says delicious summer spoilage like Mrs Teddys Marillenknoedels!

14-food-marillenknoedelapricots filled knoedels wif butter, cinamon an sugar… YUM!!!!