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doucie in the skies with diamonds

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you may be wondering, wot is doucette doesing the whole day on a market day, when she is helpsing her Daddy TeddyTom4u during vending events. well, sowwie to disappoints, but that stuff is top secwet!

not the Mona Lisa, more like the Money Doucetta *giggle*

not the Mona Lisa, more like the Money Doucetta *giggle*

guarding Daddy’s money like a guard-bear!

But what i do can tells you, is wot i do on my break time, in between worksing – and sometimes even during works, but then its strictlie business, and lesser of the fun!

13-DSD253climbing under the roof of the tent, balancing over precious gems!

13-DSD318pwesenting Mrs Teddy’s handmade hand-bags –

13-DSD293balancing act between roof-tops of the vending tents

13-DSD319being doucie in the skies with diamonds!

13-DSD7294and seeing the world, fwom a fifferent BEARspective!


so now you know morer of wot my life on them markets is all abouts, wight? wight!


oh and by the by, these unique hand-crafted hand-bags are all still up for sale, and Daddy TeddyTom4u said, that if i helps sell one fru my blog, i get a nice pwovisunnn, an i wike me some nice pwovisunn, an so, if you would wanna have  ahand-bag like no othur, send Daddy a mail to an make the purchase… you do know you wanna!






teddie doucette: peace-maker at the riverette

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Peopol, herer is wot weavy happunsed. i was walking on a bridge over troubled water, when i heard those sad screams for help. there was a wot of sniffeling an dem sads and fears. an since i am a bear too, i rushed therer saysing: doucette to the wescue!


it was not long before i found them distressed flowers cwysing about how a bully bulldozer is intimidatings dem, threatening to push them offf shore into the water!

1307riverette-bridge2wot? that is an outwage!!!

i was so shocksed, but also quite agitateds. it is so mean to intimidate others, and to threaten them wike that! grrrrrr GRRRRRRR!

1307riverette-bridge3grrrr GRRRRR GRRRRIZZLY!

i decided that enough is enough and that i would take matturs in my own paws. the twee gave me some of its strength and pointed me in the wight diwectunnn!

1307riverette-pilzhewwo Mr Shroom, i shall helps you soon!

blades of grass, and other widdle plants were so happsie to hear, someone heard their screams and would helps them. Misturrr Shroom was very desperate too. How sads is that! all them planties hiding in fear. gggrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

1307riverette-bridge4no-one bullies my friends and gets away wif it!

i was determined to bring an end to this injustice! bullies only act as if they were strong, in fact they are weaklings! i didnt fear that bully no matter what his size was! show yourself, coward! i darsed him. i found him hiding, shaking behind a shed!


13sola-dono47you fink you can intimidates me? i am friends with fierce dinosaurs!

1307riverette-bully1pffft, you cannot intimidate a bearrrrrr, you mean ole bully!

i grabbed his arms and wrestled them down with my bear paws (*giggles, fun pun. did you get it? bare hands are bear paws in teddy language) and scolded him good. if you dont stop being such a meanie awound here, i will teach you a lesson! i thundered. he tried one last attempt of defiance, and asked wot i would do about it? – but he got the wong one with such a BRATtitude!

linie firewall anim

without further ado, i jumped on his shoulder, and yanked his ear with all my might! he wailed and screamed and pleaded for me to let go!

1307riverette-bully2i will only let go if you pwomise to be a good boy fwom now on!

after quite some begging and lots of tearful pwomises to neburrr eburrr even threaten, let alone cause any harm to any of  my fwends, i finallie let go but had him appologize to each and every little he had been mean to beforer. he had learned a lesson or two, because he pwomised them an me, he would now be their pwotector! what a change of pace!

1307riverette-bridge5knowing i had saved my fwends an also helpsed a former bully to use his strength in a positive way i smiled fwom one ear to another. it feels good to be a widdle hewo, fwom time to time, too! so if you wanna know how gwand it feels to be a peace maker, do not allow bullies to eburrr get away wif deir scawy tactics. wight? wight!





far away… where hobbits live!

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i wandered and wandered,

many streets and paths i roamed

wandered over hills and mountains

through fields and swam through rivers

until i finally found a land

far, far away

where hobbits live!

13tor4-hobit10secluded by a hill, or is it built into it?

13tor4-hobit51trees and flowers every-bear

*giggles* fun pun, everywhere with bear in it! *giggle-fit*

13tor4-hobit31the path-way framed by blooming beauty galore

13tor4-hobit41the bars cannot hold the beauty caged: it spreads out fragrantly

13tor4-hobit20and the house itself also is surrounded by beauty unmatched





you cant be squeamish… being a model (3)

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you has alweady read on my blogs in the past how challenging the job of a model can be. My fans know fwom my blogs that you has to be always preBearsed to go on a not scheduled photo-shoot, even if it is weavy beary earlie in the mornings… the photographers expect you to look your bestest!

HK-party-boa1clock3 past 7 am: dwessed and maked-up, weady for a photo-shoot


The photo-shoots often take long hours, and can go to late at night. Modeling suwa is not for the comfy or lazy ones


late at night, still posings wif jewelry an stuff… wooksing my bestest!


One has to brave every weathur on tops. Shoots in the snow can be rather comfy, like when you are dressed up to make an appearence on skis


advertizing a chocolate company in St. Bearitz (burrr so cold tho!)


but don’t you fink the snow shoots are always nuffing but funs. sometimes you are confronted wif snow storms, an still must wear the beary brave face… seeheee?

lapiswinterthe lapis lazuli necklace (by my footsies) is still available, btw.

 if you buy it you get a discount & i get a pwovisunnn!

[lapis necklace, 925 silver clasps. regular retail price 98 USD plus shipping,

doucette discounted price 77 USD incl worldwide shipping]


Sometimes you have to dare to walk on thin ice *literally* and sit there, waiting for them shots be made….

walking to the frozen chanel on a crisp winters day…



sitting and wooksing wike it was not cold, while its freezing!!!!!



posing wif an disk of ice by my back, burrr so cold!!!!!


You will meet scawy scenarios… wike dis one, where i met a twee, that had been bad or sumfing, since it was rope bound and caged!!!!!!!


hoping i wont fall into the cage muh-self… scawy!


sometimes you will have to be uber-brave, and poses above an abyss….


the pic does not show how steep the abyss were!



a bridge over still, deep waters… holdin out to dem wood-planks!!

or up in trees,


sitting by a baby apple, twying not to fall off… like ripe fruit



climbing a giant tree in a dark forest…



all “dwunk” wike from the fregrance… must not fall, must not!

sometimes even surrounded by thorns…


owie, dem stings in muh fur n stuff!!! still wearing a happsie face


Seehee, it is not always nice and glamorous to be a model…. but we models still does our job, always looking and giving our bestest, an soooooooooo when we do get a treat or two,


fan mail wif treats for meeheeee, its wike X-Mas for meeheeee



sweets for muh sweet toof… i do deservese it,  wight?? wight!!!!

don’t just envy us, but think of wot we have to do, too… it is work but we do it wif dedicatunnn!





rawr! …or: how to tame a dinosaur!

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in todays ‘Do It Yourself’ blog i wanna adwess an issue everyone is confronteds wif at one point or the other in your life. When you meet with a dinosaur, how can you tames it?


So the first step is to get informsed. what kinda fella do we have to do with. what is their name, where are they fwom, an wot do they wike


Now that you have a back-gwound check, you go and meet them in their natural habitat. Because there, they will be themselves, and you are bestlie preBEARsed for that, wight? wight. Just be yourself and be self-confident. It is their pleasure to meet you, as it is for you to meet them!


just say hello to them, it will grab their attention. wike i did herer: hewwo, i am doucette. how are you

and you will be supwized how they will react all fwendlies

oooh wot, a glamours girl bear visits mean ole me?

look for what you have in common, not what makes you fifferent. wike dino and i both are awesome in our own ways, an we bof have our beary spechial fans…. so that gave us somefing to talk about an bweak the ice, and so the chit chat was all nice!


if you wanna know somefing, ask wespectfullies. you will see they will be happy to answer your beary questunnns

wike i asksed: say: are dinos ticklurtish too? no? mind if i twy?

13sola-dino32lets go and find a ticklish spot….

13sola-dino34therer! wooksie, made dino dance and giggle and wiggle

once you found such common ground, you will part as bestest friends, and there is no question about it:


RAWR does mean I LOVE YOU in donosaur


It’s (not) rocket science….

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you can imagine how exciteds i got the other day, when i got invited to a beary unique place, namelies into outer space! I could only bring my most beary important necessities, since space is limited on them ships to outter space, so i packsed my small suitcase and…


waited for the helicopter to arrive to takes me …


to the rocket launching site…

13rocket14the rocket was huges

13rocket22but i was beary brave and gots in an then the wocket took off an i went to outta space!

linie firewall anim


13rocket92I had to wear a space suit, so i would be pwotecteds, just in case… you never know in outta space!


globus gold anim

Fwom therer i could see our beautimous planet, Momma Earth!

13rocket91floating about also was quite the fun, everyone!



but the bestest was to explores:

other planets and life forms,

wooksie what i saw!!!



i was so happsie though

13rocket21 when we finally safelie landed,

and i felt solid ground under my paws


and still the bestest was….


to get welcome back kissesed by Daddy of course!!!!





Hungry houses … kinda scawy!

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Peopol, some housies are making faces, you must has noticesed, wight? wight.


Well but there are sometimes housies, that wook all hungwy wike, an thats kjinda beary scawy too! On my travels i have seen many an one of those, an i will shares  afew picshures wif you… an you will see for yourself how scawy dat is!

1307hungryhouses11that church with its anti-smiley frown mouth all open….


1307hungryhouses91the green leafy scarf cannot mask its hunger!!!


1307hungryhouses22that blue make up cannot fools me…

1307hungryhouses21wooksie: it IS all hungwie and scawie!!!


1307hungryhouses81the tower in the back-ground sneaks up on its prey *eeep*


travels2012-86-nm-greenhouse1morer of the camouflage, but wooksie at that big ole mouf!


housesfun2-DaddyWiddlesan the housie on top eating the small one? 


travels12-86-92334-tower1well an this one… say no more, the gob is all wide alweady!!

an imagine how much more scawy it is to pose in proximity to those hungwie houses!!!!

bw55-onhatbut wucky me i has a Daddy to pwotect me!